What is Auto Dealer Fraud?


A: There are many, many types of auto fraud. A few examples of auto dealer fraud are:

  • selling a car claiming it has never been in a wreck when the dealer knows it has been in a wreck;
  • claiming that your financing didn't "go through" and requiring you to return the vehicle yet refusing to give you your trade-in car back;
  • selling you a vehicle whose odometer shows mileage that is not true yet representing to you that it is accurate (salesman says the car only has 12,500 miles on it and the odometer says 12,500, yet the automobile actually has 200,000 miles on it-the odometer was "rolled back" by the dealer);
  • selling a car at X% interest rate will all the written contract being signed, then saying the financing didn't "go through" so you have to sign new documents for Y% interest rate;
  • selling an automobile as new when in fact it is used.

Again, automobile dealer fraud takes on many forms. If you think you are the victim of auto dealer fraud, you should contact an attorney that handles this type of case.

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