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I believe I developed my desire to help people from my father who was a wonderful physician. He spent his whole life helping people. I went to law school because I felt that practicing law was a great way I too could help people. I excelled in law school. I was at the top of my class and was awarded the title of the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review-the highest honor a law student can achieve. Because of all of those law school honors, the law school professors all told me that I needed to go to work in the big law firms that represented corporations and insurance companies because that is where people with top law school credentials were supposed to go. Unfortunately, I listened to them and began representing insurance companies. I won case after case after case for the insurance companies. That is how I learned to understand "how insurance companies think". The insurance companies thought I was great. But what about the injured people I was depriving of their just compensation? What happened to justice? What happened to helping people?

Focus on Helping People—Not Insurance Companies

After many years, I began to realize that I wasn't doing what I was supposed to do—I wasn't helping people; I was hurting them by winning for the insurance companies. I had had enough. I fired all of my insurance company clients and began representing people. Real people, not insurance companies. Insurance companies became my enemy. I became their "Benedict Arnold"!

I have never been able to handle defeat. I love to win. My high school football team won the state championship and was undefeated. When I played football for the University of Oklahoma Sooners, we won a national championship under Barry Switzer and we were undefeated. Winning is in my blood. Loosing is more than distasteful; it is an abomination to me. That is one of the reasons I attended and graduated from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. There are only about 2000+ graduates from the Trial Lawyers College out of the 1,140,000+ lawyers in the United States. The Trial Lawyers College teaches us a different way to try cases. Most law schools and organizations try to teach trial "tricks" and "gimmicks" to win cases. Juries, however, know a trick or gimmick when they see one. At the Trial Lawyers College we learn how to not only be honest and real with our jury, but to convey to them the reality of our client's injuries and life situations. Juries learn to love our clients as we do. The result is amazing. True justice is achieved!

Education and Background

Now for the boring stuff! Some of you may want to know my "credentials". For those of you, here is a sampling of qualifications:

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in 1977. I then obtained my Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1978. While working on a PhD, I was admitted to the Oklahoma City University School of Law. I received my Doctorate degree in 1981. I was a member of the Phi Delta Phi legal honor society and was appointed to be on the Moot Court Board. I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Oklahoma City University Law Review from 1980-1981-the highest honor one can receive in law school.

One of the greatest honors of my legal career was practicing law with Gerry Spence-the nation's best trial lawyer. After marrying my wonderful wife, I moved back to Oklahoma. I later became President of the Comanche County Bar Association. I have been practicing law for 30+ years. However, I now no longer represent corporations or insurance companies. Although I have been practicing law since 1982, I have been representing people-and helping people-since 1998. I think my father would be proud that I am now following in his footsteps!

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