Insurance companies know plenty of tricks and loopholes – but we know the law.

We all buy insurance policies to protect against unforeseen events in Oklahoma and to make certain that our families are supported and secure, even when disaster strikes. In case of a medical emergency, we have health insurance. In case of property damage, we have homeowners insurance. In case of the unthinkable, we have life insurance.

However, all too often, Oklahoma insurance companies will deny, delay, or low-ball perfectly valid claims despite years of loyal payments and their promise of protection. It's a sad fact that insurance companies make money when they collect payments and lose money when they are asked to fulfill their half of the contract and support their policyholders in emergencies. Because of this, some insurance companies choose to break the law and act in bad faith.

At the Scott Ray Law Firm, we do not tolerate bad faith insurance companies. We are well aware of the games that they can play and the tricks that they use to hoodwink unknowing policyholders into accepting low payments or even claim denials. While it might feel overwhelming for you to fight a large insurance company that uses big words and intimidation, having an insurance dispute lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

Over the last 30 years, Scott Ray has helped clients in Oklahoma successfully win a wide range of claim disputes with their insurance companies, including:


  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical bill claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Property damage or claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Disability claims


Stationed at Fort Sill? Scott Ray can help you with your insurance bad faith case.

As a former insurance defense attorney, Scott Ray knows what your insurance company is thinking.

Scott Ray didn't always fight against insurance company bad faith. In fact, for seventeen years he was on the other side of the playing field, working as an insurance defense attorney. During his time working for insurance companies, he learned priceless information about how insurance companies think, how they approach insurance disputes, and what legal strategies they use when they are accused of acting in bad faith. More importantly, he learned that he wanted to work for the people who were fighting the insurance companies - and that he never wanted to be employed by an insurance company again.

What are the most important actions that you can take when dealing with an insurance company dispute or an insurance company that is acting in bad faith?


  • Document every interaction that you have with your insurance company. Take notes during phone calls. Keep all letters, including documents that you send them and documents they send you. 
  • Keep track of the damages as well as what you are owed. For example, if you are filing a homeowner's insurance claim regarding water damage, then keep track of the damage, the cost of any emergency fixes you make, and any damages that occur because of delayed payment, such as mold. 
  • Talk to an insurance dispute attorney immediately. Bad insurance companies will open their bags of tricks soon after you file your claim. When you first suspect that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, pick up the phone right away and get legal representation.

Don't battle your insurance company alone. Level the playing field and call Scott Ray today.

Your insurance company assumes that it can intimidate you. Your insurance company assumes that it knows more about insurance law than you do. Your insurance company assumes that you won't try to fight its room full of lawyers. But your insurance company isn't counting on you hiring a bad faith insurance attorney to fight on your side.

Located in Lawton, Oklahoma, and serving clients across the state, Scott Ray can level the playing field between you and your insurance company. While you may know that your insurance company is treating you unfairly, Scott Ray can help you understand the specific laws that your insurance company is breaking. While you might not know what action to take against your bad faith insurance company, Scott Ray can guide you through the process of getting your claim paid.

Want to get started today? Call Scott Ray at (580) 248-5557 to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting, or fill out the electronic contact form on this page.

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