Possibly, but not necessarily.

There are numerous factors that must be analyzed before determining whether you have a valid bad faith claim. For example, if your house burned down and your insurance company denied your claim because the fire was caused by arson, you may have a valid bad faith claim if you didn't have anything to do with causing the fire.

On the other hand, if you decided to burn your house down because you could not make the mortgage payments, you would not have a valid bad faith claim. Yet again, if you fell asleep while smoking and the house accidentally caught on fire and your insurance company wrongfully claims that you intentionally burned down your house to get the insurance money, you would probably have a valid bad faith claim against your insurance company.

Each case depends on specific facts that you should have an experienced insurance attorney consider. Since there are often very short deadlines, you should contact an experience bad faith attorney, such as the Scott Ray Law Firm, immediately.

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