Injured in an Oklahoma car accident? Let an injury lawyer help you collect compensation.

What is your life like in the wake of a traffic accident? Do you need help?

We hear about traffic accidents every day - both in the paper and on the news. But what happens to car accident victims after crashes? While we might hear about a Lawton teen who was struck by a drunk driver on the day that the accident takes place, we often don't hear about the teen's struggle to recover from a traumatic brain injury in the months after the crash. While we might hear about a Fort Sill man who suffered a spinal cord injury because of a reckless commercial truck driver, we probably don't hear about how he will never be able to work to support his family or take his son camping again.

If you have been involved in a car accident, then you understand all too well that the tragedy of the crash continues long after the police report is filed and you are released from the hospital. While everyone else is trying to move on from the accident, you may be struggling with medical bills, not being able to return to work, emotional trauma, long-term health problems, and other financial worries.

At the Scott Ray Law Firm, we understand all too well the challenges you face while you try to put the pieces of your life back together. We are here to help. With over 30 years of experience, Lawton attorney Scott Ray has the compassion, knowledge, and determination to help you secure the compensation that you deserve after suffering an injury in a traffic accident that wasn't your fault.

We handle the following traffic accident cases:


  • Car accidents
  • SUV accidents
  • Pickup truck accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Bus accidents 
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

Scott Ray will give you straightforward answers to all of your traffic accident injury questions.

Who knew it would be so difficult to get the answers to your questions after a serious car accident and injury? Unfortunately, getting the information that you need from the insurance companies, those responsible for your accident, or even a potential injury attorney can be a frustrating struggle.

At the Scott Ray Law Firm, we believe that our clients deserve to hear the honest truth. If an insurance company is mistreating you or your claim, we will tell you. If you do not seem to have a car accident injury lawsuit, we will tell you.

Below are some of the most common questions that we are asked each day by car accident victims - questions that we have the answers to:


  • What should I do after a serious car accident?
  • How much is my car accident case worth?
  • My insurance company wants to ask me questions about the accident. What information should I give?
  • I refused medical assistance at the scene of the accident, but now I realize that I am hurt. Should I go to the doctor?
  • Will I have to go to court to get the money I deserve from the insurance company? 
  • Can I still collect damages if the car accident was partially my fault? 
  • I think that my car accident was caused by a defective product. Is there some way to prove it? 
  • If I was in a serious commercial truck accident caused by driver negligence, do I sue the driver or the trucking company? 
  • What information should I gather before talking to a car accident lawyer about my case?
  • How can I get the insurance company to cover my medical bills and lost wages?

Make the first move toward justice. Contact Scott Ray today about your traffic accident.

The rest of the world may have moved on after your car accident, but we understand that the consequences and injuries affect you and your family every single day - from your health to your career and finances. While we can never erase the accident that changed your life, we can minimize the damage by making certain that the person or entity liable for your crash takes responsibility for what has happened and that you receive the compensation that you are owed.

Want to learn more? Call Scott Ray today at (580) 248-5557 to schedule a free, confidential meeting.

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