The adjuster for the person that hit me is calling wanting to take my statement. What should I do?



The adjuster for the liability insurance company (the insurance company that insures the person who caused the accident and hit you) is wanting to take your statement so she can:

  1. Determine your side of what happened 
  2. Determine if you are claiming injuries
  3. Get admissions from you that will hurt your claim
  4. Uncover facts that will help the insurance company deny the claim or drop the value of the claim
  5. Determine if they should hire an investigator to do videotape surveillance on you
  6. Set their reserves as required by law
  7. Try to convince you that your claim isn't worth what you think it is worth (or what it is really worth)
  8. Try to settle your case quickly if the adjuster thinks you may have more medical bills in the future (surgery, etc.) so the insurance company can avoid having to pay for those bills 

The bottom line is that the adjuster for the person that caused your injuries is not on your side. Don't give a statement until you speak to an experienced car crash attorney. Call one quickly. What you tell the adjuster will harm your claim-even if you don't think it will!