What is my case worth?


A: Anyone (and that includes any attorney or an insurance adjuster) that says they can tell you what your case is worth without knowing ALL the facts and circumstances of your specific situation, is simply telling you a lie. It is impossible. There are numerous factors that go into determining what a case is worth. Some of the things that help in the determination are the amount of medical bills that have been incurred and the amount that will be incurred in the future. What are the injuries? What are the past and future lost wages? What pre-existing conditions were there? How did the accident happen? What were the road conditions? Has the victim made an offer to settle the case with the insurance company? (hopefully not) Has the victim given the insurance company a statement? (again, hopefully not) Were the vehicles moved before the police arrived? Were there any eyewitnesses and if so what did they see? There are many, many more things that can affect the value of a case. It takes years of experience handling these cases to be able to accurately determine what value a case has. It is important to have an experienced automobile accident attorney. However, it is equally important to have an attorney that has special expertise in insurance law. There are many, many nuances in Oklahoma's insurance laws that can have a substantial impact on your case's value. Therefore, what you need is an attorney that is experienced in automobile accident cases and one that has special expertise in insurance law. The Scott Ray Law Firm's founder, Scott Ray, is one of the few law firms that is listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers for both personal injury and insurance expertise.