Of the roughly 1.4 million lawyers in the United States, only 500 have graduated from the prestigious Trial Lawyers College. This unique school trains passionate trial lawyers to analyze and read judges, juries, witnesses, and lawyers. Lawton, Oklahoma, attorney Scott Ray graduated from the Trial Lawyers College and has been very successful in the courtroom.

Scott Ray specializes in fighting big insurance companies and understands that real trial lawyers are able to get more money for the clients and settle cases faster. He has the skills that insurance companies fear and isn’t afraid to do battle in the courtroom. The ability to draw the jury into a case and make them understand how the victim feels is incredibly powerful and exactly what Scott Ray is trained to do.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash or deceived by an insurance company, please give the Scott Ray Law Firm a call at 888-472-7558.

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