Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Still Happen in Oklahoma

Are you worried that your loved one is not in a safe and healthy nursing home environment?

Attorney Scott Ray represents those who have been harmed or injured because of nursing home neglect or abuse in Oklahoma.

The seniors in our lives don't ask for much, but we want to give them the world. They spent years teaching us everything they know, supporting us, and loving us. In return, we want to make certain that their last years are spent safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect may be present in even the most well-respected Oklahoma care facilities, and the red flags that your loved one is being mistreated can be hard to detect and prove.

At the Scott Ray Law Firm, we understand that it is difficult for many seniors to protect themselves and defend their rights. We also understand that any form of nursing home abuse or neglect is absolutely unacceptable. Located in Lawton and serving clients throughout Oklahoma, we are committed to making nursing homes and adult care facilities take responsibility for their standards of care.

Nursing home abuse and neglect take many forms and have a range of serious consequences.

One reason that so many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect go unnoticed and unreported is that we have a very narrow idea of what abuse and neglect look like. Elder abuse doesn't only consist of physical beatings and black eyes, and elder neglect isn't all about bedsores or dirty sheets. In truth, mistreated seniors can face many issues in poorly-run nursing homes that lead to serious injury, psychological trauma, and even death.

Here are just a few examples of nursing home abuse and neglect:


  • A woman suffers a broken hip when she is moved from her bed to a wheelchair by two poorly-trained staffers. 
  • A man with dementia wanders off of the nursing home grounds and dies of exposure. The nursing home admits that no one had checked on the man in his room for hours. 
  • A daughter discovers that her mother has been sexually abused by a nursing home staff member for years. The abuse was only discovered when the woman was diagnosed with hepatitis. 
  • A man is restrained in bed by a short-staffed group of nursing home employees. He develops infected bedsores and suffers severe emotional trauma. 
  • Nursing home employees do not follow a woman's care plan and let her eat without supervision. The woman chokes on a piece of food and suffers serious brain damage. 
  • A man's deteriorating health is ignored and unreported by an understaffed nursing home. By the time he is seen by a doctor, he is beyond treatment. 
  • A woman with mild dementia is given high doses of medication by nurses in order to make her unable to speak or move during the day.


Generally, if your elderly loved one is injured or harmed because of the negligence of the nursing home, or if your loved one's injury or death should have been prevented, then he or she is a victim of neglect or abuse. Are you still unsure? Please talk to Scott Ray today about your case.

Defend the rights of your elder loved one - and prevent dangerous nursing homes from harming others.

Our seniors deserve our utmost respect, well-run facilities, and the gentlest care. What they don't deserve are the deplorable consequences of nursing home abuse and neglect: broken bones, malnutrition, dehydration, emotional distress, pressure sores, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, infection, and even early death. What can you do? If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, then familiarize yourself with the signs of mistreatment and talk with an attorney about your case.

Call Scott Ray today at (580) 248-5557 to schedule a free, confidential meeting. Stop negligent nursing homes, and give your elder loved one the restful years that he or she has earned.

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