The National Trial Lawyers selects the top lawyers from each state and nominates them for membership in this exclusive national organization.  Membership in this prestigious organization is limited to only 100 lawyers in each state.  Currently, there are over 15,000 lawyers in Oklahoma.  Scott Ray of the Scott Ray Law Firm has been inducted into The National Trial Lawyers being one of the Top 100 lawyers in Oklahoma.  The selection for membership is made by a national board composed of the nation's top trial attorneys.  Notable members of The National Trial Lawyers includes Mark Geragos (who represented actress Winona Ryder, actor David Carradine, and Michael Jackson), Tom Mesereau (who represented Michael Jackson), Robert Shapiro (who represented O.J. Simpson), and Geoffrey Fieger (who represented Dr. Jack Kevorkian of physician-assisted suicide fame), Roy Black (who represented William Kennedy Smith and Rush Limbaugh), and Morris Dees (who founded the Southern Poverty Law Center).

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